Our 70th Birthday!


Thank you to those of you who attended our workshop in February with TC Howard. It was a really unique and interesting day – blog post to be published soon! Below is a note from our 2016 – 2017 Chair, Gill Crow, as this year is YMD’s 70th the birthday. We hope that you will be able to get involved!

To YMD Dancers,

As we have loved the weekends we have run in the last two years, the Committee are once again organising a weekend of dance in September 2017. Our tutor is yet to be announced but bound to be as good as past tutors Neil Fleming Brown (2015) and Gary Clarke (2016).

Linked to this we are celebrating YMD’s 70th birthday, (Yes it is 70 years since the group was founded!) and looking forward to the group’s future.

Our current thinking is that there will be two strands to the celebration.

  • An Event – We hope to invite past and present members to come for lunch on the Sunday of the September Weekend, and then watch whatever we have devised over the weekend and possibly other bits of dance.
  • A Display – In addition, we hope to gather film/video/photos, experiences, memories and information from anyone connected with YMD and show, display or publicise these in whatever form seems best to promote all that we have done and hope to do in the future.

I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in getting involved. You could help by;
Helping us to organise the event.
Contributing materials, thoughts and memories.
Helping to collate materials, thoughts and memories.

We really appreciate the involvement and support you have shown to YMD, however small or large, and hope that you will continue this through coming to dance with us, and helping us to celebrate and promote this very special group.

If you would like to get involved with our 70th birthday celebration, or have memoirs and materials to share please email us yorkshiremovementanddance@gmail.com

Thank you!
Gill Crow

2016 – 2017 Chair

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